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non-profit managed services


Local non-profit organizations are often the most challenged with a consistent, professional online presence.  They started by someone with a vision or passion for their community.

With little funding to get started, it all needs to go towards start up costs and the mission.  Taking the organization online, while a priority, can often be put on the back burner.

At Round Barn Studios, we want to work with your non-profit and see how we can help.  We offer all of the same solutions we do for small-businesses, but at a significant discount.

Unlike many firms who are looking for clients, we are looking for partners.  Developing a successful online strategy is a partnership.

We will listen to your vision, and provide options for making it a reality.  But the partnership doesn't end there, we'll ensure you receive ongoing support post launch, to continue keeping the vision alive and fresh.

We can work together to develop a number of options for you, including:

  • Assume support for an existing website.

    • Can include migrating existing website to our hosting service.

  • Stand up a brand new website.​​

  • Integrate online donation and/or e-commerce solutions into an existing or new website.

  • We can perform all of the upfront development and hand it over to you.

  • We can perform all of the upfront development and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

We want to partner with you in any capacity which aligns with your needs and your vision.


what's included

  • Domain registration or renewal (if required)

  • Website hosting

  • Custom website design, delivery, & support.

  • E-commerce integration, online donations, & support.

  • SSL integration

    • SHA-256 (2048 bit) RSA Encryption​

  • Ongoing support and updates.

  • And much more.

Reach out to us today to see how we can do something great together.

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